Our mission is to empower young people to embrace their God-given potential and fulfill their divine calling. We are passionate about helping them discover their identity in Christ and realize the greatness that lies within them. This is achieved through fostering relationships and guiding them to understand the heart of Christ.

Programs alone are not sufficient. They become valuable when they facilitate relationships. Children remember acts of kindness and genuine interactions more than educational content.

Impacting kids requires human connection, not just automated processes. Quality role models and personal care are more important to children than material resources. Being a person of integrity and showing love are essential in making a lasting impact on kids.

Love like Jesus!

Core Spirituality: We help students understand their identity in Jesus Christ and live a life in obedience to the Holy Spirit.

Community Relationships: We aim to connect students with each other and the broader community because we believe that our world is at its healthiest when diverse individuals understand, respect, and support one another.

Irresistible Fun: We embody the energy of youth and direct it towards engaging activities that ensure children keep returning for more.

Community Leadership: We encourage students to utilize their skills, insights, and creativity to contribute to NELA Youth and other community projects.