Youth Outreach Team Leaders

Ainsley Markou, Debbie Gaines, Bryan Jones, Desha Stokes, Deseree, Andrea Greer

Board Members

BRYAN JONES, President (Business Advisor): I spent most of my life lost in the world seeking happiness in all the wrong places . Relationships, jobs, and pretty much everything else in my life continued to fail no matter how hard I worked or tried. Time and time again, I lost pretty much everything I cared about. Finally a family friend….a true man of God told me that the reason I was failing was because I was trying to do everything on my own and nothing would ever work without God . Right there, that day I accepted Christ as my savior and almost immediately life changed. It seemed as if everything I tried to do from that day just seemed to work out but I still had some fires to walk through. The next 5 years were a constant roller coaster of highs and lows until life came crashing down around me because I put my trust in a person . What I went through no person should ever have to, but I’m very thankful for the trials that brought me closer to Him and a life better than I could have ever imagined.

BRYAN PONSELL, Vice President (Pastoral Advisor)


ALEXI MARKOU (Evangelism/Discipleship Advisor): JESUS saved me!!! I grew up inside the church but never knew Jesus personally. Through the years I was making rejection, abandonment, divorce, anger and district my portion… when in reality it was the spirit of adoption, being a daughter, joy and peace that was my portion all along. It wasn’t until my junior year were I had a revelation for the first time about who Jesus is and who the lord is as my father. I got encountered by the Holy Spirit in a Chinese restaurant for the first time!! It became real and personal to me for the first time. I truly committed my life to JESUS, gave up everything of myself, got filled by the Holy Spirit, got delivered of years of demonic torment, fear, anger, witchcraft, generational curses of divorce and rejection and more!!!!! I encountered the personal love of the father! Revival them broke out in my high school and I became activated! I started seeing strangers healed, saved baptized, activated and delivered! Was truly living for Jesus! Jesus healed my broken heart, revealed himself to me and saved me from myself.  Now I burn to see revival in my generation and for everyone to personally know this man that changed my life by his love

MANDY BRAKEFIELD (Evangelism): I’m a Spirit Filled follower of Jesus Christ. In the past I was addicted to drugs and a raging alcoholic. I struggled with anger, depression, suicide attempts, rejection, infirmity’s, fear, loneliness, and a whole lot of other things and God has set me free. I am a New Creation in Christ Jesus. All things have become New. Freely I have received freely I will give. If I would have had a Woman of God step into my life as a young girl the road I decided to take would have been different. I feel like the Lord has called me to be that Woman of God and a voice in the community that steps in and changes the destiny of these young people. I want to share the Love of God and bring them out of darkness and into His Marvelous Light. See them Saved, Healed, and Delivered and on Fire for Jesus.


DEBBIE GAINES (Super mom, grandmother & great grandmother): She has a heart for children, with many years of experience. She is one of the most giving and selfless people you’ll meet and goes above and beyond for these children.

ANDREA GREER JONES, M.S., Founder/CEO: I as raised in and out of church, but it was in 2017 that I was slain in the Spirit in Arizona. I never believed in this stuff, but I’m here to tell you it’s more real that the physical! I attended church, taught Sunday school, was involved in small groups, served in local soup kitchens and foster care agencies, but I was “asleep”. You know when you’ve been encountered by God…it’s rocks your world and you have new eyes to see others as He does and a new heart to love like He does. Nothing compares to having Holy Spirit as your best friend and advisor. My heart burns to see others awakened by Holy Spirit, set free from bondage and step into their kingdom calling!! There’s so much more…seek Him!! Read more


Over 25 years in marketing, web/graphic design and management

Nonprofit experience: Youth Health (AZ), Youth Equine Therapy (AZ), Equine Competition (AZ), Foster Care (AZ), Church/Parish Management (AZ), Youth Ministry (AZ & LA), Women’s Ministry (AZ & LA), Soup Kitchen (AZ & LA), Habitat for Humanity (LA)