As we have funding, we will cover the cost of school functions such as field trips, special events, church camps, and sports or arts activities and/or lessons to fit the child. However, the child must earn these scholarships through good behavior, grades, acts of kindness, helping others and leadership. AsContinue Reading

It’s always a blast to take them all to outings like the zoo, Holiday lights and community events. We have been so blessed to have people donate some incredible events for these kids that they will treasure! If you own a business or would like to personally donate an eventContinue Reading

Our rewards program is focused on encouraging and rewarding children for good grades, completing chores, volunteering, and showing kindness. Points are earned for various positive actions, such as good behavior, acts of kindness, leadership, and helping out with tasks. At the end of each quarter, top point earners receive certificatesContinue Reading

We prioritize investing in our youth and making them feel special on their birthdays. We encourage taking them on an outing of their choice and providing them with a special present. If you wish to donate birthday items like small toys, art/craft supplies, fidget spinners, etc., please reach out toContinue Reading

ALL INDIVIDUAL CHILDREN HAVE BEEN SPONSORED FOR 2023. GOD BLESS ALL THESE SPONSORS!! SPONSORSHIP DETAILS: We suggest 2-3 gifts per child minimum (We add to balance per family). Please wrap and put their names on the gifts. Message us at 318.267.8221 and we can pickup the gifts or you canContinue Reading

At NELA Youth, we offer various programs, but our most impactful one is the Mentoring Outings. These outings involve spending quality time with kids through activities like park visits, fishing trips, trail walks, indoor recreational venues, lunch discussions, cookouts, attending Sunday church services, engaging in volunteer work, and participating inContinue Reading

Join us every FIRST SATURDAY of each month from 1:00-2:30pm for worship, bible lessons, crafts, games, lunch and more!! For ages 6 years to 17 years. Join us at Grace Place, 1600 Jackson St, Monroe LA 71201. Contact Andrea at 318.267.8221 if your child needs a ride. Due to theContinue Reading

At NELA Youth, instilling the values of giving back and helping others is paramount for our youth! By engaging in service activities, they will learn important lessons such as respect, kindness, empathy towards those who are different, and develop leadership skills. We prefer to work with small groups of kidsContinue Reading